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OEM Battery Died After Two Years!

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What a piece of crap! :x Tried to recharge it, it doesn't last.

Warranty says they'll only pay 50%, and replacement must be an OEM, which dealer wants $120 for.

So I put out $60 out of pocket for another crappy OEM battery that'll probably only last me another 2 years. Plus I'll have to put the the stock air box back, cause dealer says they have to do the install. They're a bunch of shmucks there anyway.

I'm gonna hit the local Napa. Last battery I got for my other car was $60, same as what the dealer wants for my half. At least it should have better reliability than the original one.

Anyone else have any battery issues?
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Sorry to hear it but I'm not surprised. The battery in my Eagle Talon tsi lasted exactly 2 years. Back then I went right out and bought a Diehard. I was able to get to Sears just before it quit. Try Interstate...they are available,affordable and reliable.
Not a shocker, my battery was replaced before I even drove the car off the lot, and then the replacement only lasted a year and a half.
i believe all manufactures offer a prorated warranty on their batteries...normal if you ask me

if you want to pocket that $60 and goto sears or autozone and get a much better comes with its own prorated warranty...probably better than OEM...i know my autozone gold battery has a 3 year free replacement...then after that its prorated
2-3 year lifespan is a little bit short for a typical battery but not that unusual. On my last car, the Motorcraft battery died at 4 years and I put an Optima red top in it. 6 years later it was still going strong. This time, I'm not going to wait and get stranded somewhere, I'm just gonna get another Optima for it's 2nd birthday. They're a very good investment.
Anyone running big stereos or frequently run your accessories with the engine off? All will cause strain on the battery.
I just got my Braile battery from TireRack... I'm pumped to put this sucker in. I wouldnt recommend it for the average guy, but I'm trying to save weight anywhere I can, especially in the front and anywhere up high (hmmm, battery seems like a likely candidate, eh?).

The whole battery is 15 pounds. Rock on.
Most good batteries have a 3 year full replacement warranty. Get a Sears DieHard Gold if you want the best.

What size battery does the MS3 use? Just go to Sears and buy a DH Gold in that same size.

The Braille is a POS. It won't work in cold temperatures so I wouldn't trust it for year round use. When Global Warming hits, you might get snow in California or Florida.
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