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OBX on my 05 hatch, modified to fit flush with bumper

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To all just purchased the OBX catback for my 05 hatch, after much debate and trying to strike a deal with sokool on his used HKS, I decided to buy the OBX. I am having my local exhaust shop rework the rear section to make it fit flush on my hatch. Will post pics of everything when it is completed! Thanks
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want to see this. i think alot of people will start to appreciete this exhuast after they see how nice it looks flush witht the bumber
Agree, work is scheduled for next saturday!
Sorry guys it all changed, got the HKS from Sokool! Very happy!
was it worth the extra 200?
All in all, do not know. I will have it installed on Saturda at work. I do have to say the OBX was 219 + 65 shipping and then probably plus anothre $50-75 to have the rear section modified to fit. Sokool gave me a great pics on his used HKS. So I was looking at proably the same amount with no modifications!
ohh then ya thats a good deal. i thought u were buying new. srry didnt read it right. ya great deal. its always nice to have the name brand for same price :)
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