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Oakville/Mississauga/Burlington Mazda 3 spottings

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Spotted 3 MZ3s in a row today, on 6th Line around 6:10pm.

Southbound indigo blue sedan.
Northbound silver (or titan grey) sport followed by a red sedan with moonroof.

Anyone on this board?
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I am from Burlington and I always see a nice Black GT sedan. I have followed you up appleby 5 or 6 times now. I think your car is lowered too. Anyone here? I've been meaning to post this for a year now...
wow, this thread was dug up from the grave....

i'm in a artic white sedan GT GFX....tinted windows w/ a stubby....wave if you see :klavergreg:
Ha ha ya... I thought it was time to break it out again.
It seems that this thread is dead!
I just moved to Oakville few months ago. I've been driving 2004 Mazda3 GS Titanium, but I've recently bought 2007 Mazda3 GT Hatch Black Mica w/ tinted windows. I drive to Mississauga every morning! I must say that I hate GTA's TRAFFIC! Nothing like that in Ottawa....


welcome to oakville, i'm from oakville to....

where abouts, sign up at TM3 if you haven't already, we post some oakville meets occasionally.
Just pick up a 07 Mazda3 GT today and will be rolling around in it all over the oakville area. Mostly 8th line & Upper Middle area. Got the luxury package with the 17" rims lovin it. Stop me to say hi or just give a wave LOL. Hope to see ya on the road.
goooooooooooooooooood tm3333333333333333
Been a while since we've had a post here eh?
because everyone is on tm3333333333333333333333
I drive a pearl white mazda 3 2006 :)

stock everything, but ordered new xenon bulbs, and looking to get the xenon fog lights soon.

live in the derry/winstonchurchill area
41 - 51 of 51 Posts
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