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Oakville/Mississauga/Burlington Mazda 3 spottings

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Spotted 3 MZ3s in a row today, on 6th Line around 6:10pm.

Southbound indigo blue sedan.
Northbound silver (or titan grey) sport followed by a red sedan with moonroof.

Anyone on this board?
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Quite a few red ones in this town.... There's always a red sedan at Sheridan College.

Clearview. I thought you are up on Westoak for some reason... I guess it's someone else on this board then.
Xenon said:
LOL... ya.. I'm looking into vanity plates, but I have to get the $275 first
"XENON 1" would look nice :p

I'm deciding if I should get some tinted plate covers for $7 each and replace the dealer ones. But the dealer ones are pretty decent, except I really don't want to advertise for them.

New spottings:

May 21, 2004
Ford Dr./Royal Windsor northbound
Silver Sedan GT/GFX

Red sedan

Silver sedan GT

More and more 3s are on the road now.
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I pass by there everyday, I work down Wyecroft near 4th.

There're a lot more 3s in Oakville now. I see at least 3 or 4 everyday no matter which part of town I'm in.
mEtHoDySt said:
I got a black GT Sedan with raised spoiler, I am always around Dorval and the QEW cause that's where I work. Right across from the ford dealer in those three brown buildings.
Was that you that go around the bend on South Service/Dorval at around 6:45pm today (Monday 31st)? With a smoked front plate protector (couldn't see the back).

Other spottings (lots of red today):

Red GT sport (GFX?)
7:18am going up the hill on Cross Ave under the railway bridge.

Titan grey GS sedan (with sport pkg)
7:50am Wyecroft westbound west of Dorval
Some old guy with personal plates

Red GT GFX sedan
4:50pm Cross/Speers WB

Silver GT GFX sedan
5:35pm Lakeshore/Burloak WB

Red GT GFX sedan
6:15pm Speers/Kerr WB

Sand Mica GX sedan
6:15pm Speers/Kerr EB

Black GS with sport pkg
6:28pm Lakeshore/Trafalgar NB (young guy in orange tee)

Titan grey GT GFX sedan
7:10pm Erin Mills Pkwy/Burnhamthorpe inside Petro Can station

I saw more today but couldn't remember every single one of them....
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yuro said:
really?? because i had to give my sister ride to Sudbury last weekend, with all her stuff and bike, so I had one mountainbike on the roofrack and fuel economy didn't suffer.
Off topic... How long does it take from 401/400 to Sudbury?
mEtHoDySt said:
Was that you that go around the bend on South Service/Dorval at around 6:45pm today (Monday 31st)? With a smoked front plate protector (couldn't see the back).
That would be me, got the smoked plates on front and back.
I saw you again today, you were pulling out of the corp. centre and I was passing right in front of you.
yuro said:
with one "pee stop" and one "coffee stop" and speed no more than 20 above the limit about 4 hours.
Oh that's not bad... I think to North Bay it's about the same?

1 titan grey hatch in the River Oaks area (spot this same one all the time).

3 blue hatches today. 5:10pm on Munns/6th Line, 6:15pm on Maurice Dr., and 6:40pm on Bronte Rd./Speers.
Around Trafalgar

There is about 3 MZ3

One is mine Guess which color it is :)
Sand Mica... Is yours GS?
I might have seen you around before, there aren't so many sand micas around.

There's a Toronto Mazda 3 meet on the 26th this month if you're interested.
Titan grey GT sedan with GFX and spoiler. Friday evening at the Petro Can station at Erin Mills/Millcreek? just finished a car wash.
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