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Oakville/Mississauga/Burlington Mazda 3 spottings

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Spotted 3 MZ3s in a row today, on 6th Line around 6:10pm.

Southbound indigo blue sedan.
Northbound silver (or titan grey) sport followed by a red sedan with moonroof.

Anyone on this board?
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Titanium Silver Mazda3 Sport GT
Ford Dr. and Kingsway Dr.
9:15 PM
May 18, 2004

It was a woman in her mid 30's. Probably not on this board, but I could be wrong.


Red Mazda3 Sport GT
4th Line and Wyndham Dr.
3:58 PM
May 18, 2004

Couldn't see the driver too well since I was behind her... she looked REALLY CUTE tho... I was tempted to follow her to the next light and pull beside her, but I was late for work already.
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Anyone seen me driving around yet?

Winning Mica Blue Mazda3 Sport GT
First 4 letters of my License is ATAX.

I live in the Clearview area.
I'm around Seridan about once a week... I have a friend that lives in the apartment buildings south of the campus.

I'm also around Mississauga a lot, since I live right near the Oakville/Mississauga border. I work in Scarborough at the Zoo. But I car pool to work some days to save gas.

That's where you will most likely find me.
My Twin.... just without the sunroof.

Winning Mica Blue Mazda3 Sport GT
Speers Rd. & Third line
6:01 PM
May 20, 2004

Young Guy, probably late 20's
LOL... ya.. I'm looking into vanity plates, but I have to get the $275 first
Unfortuneately, the car that caused the big delay on the 401 this afternoon (around 2:30 PM) was a Mazda3 that had collided with a Canada Post Truck.

Mazda3 GS, Black Mica.
1 Winning Blue Hatch GT, Parking lot of Oakville GO. Around 5:40 PM
I was at Erin Mills Mazda today for my first oil change... I got stopped twice when trying to pull out of the lot, people asking about my 3.

Naturally, I said it was the best car on the road for the price you pay. Amazing.
I am a very active member in Toronto Mazda3, In fact I'm the one who does most of the co-ordinating of all the TM3 Meets and I'm also the person who got the club die-cut stickers done.

I don't really hang out at the Ridgeway Tims... Lots of cops come by there cuz of all the loitering, I get a little worried I might get busted for just being there. LOL

I think we are going to start scheduling meets at the last saturday of every month, that is what the trend seems to be. There are a few members that live in the Oakville/Mississauga area like newlook and swordfish that get together a bit more often that just once a month. You can easily meet up with us when we get together. I have added you to my MSN list. Keep in touch.
Toronto Mazda3 Stickers are baught through me. You can reserve up to two stickers prior to the meet. I'll give them to you then, or the next time I see you. Price is $7/sticker.

More details are found here:
1 - 10 of 51 Posts
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