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Oakville/Mississauga/Burlington Mazda 3 spottings

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Spotted 3 MZ3s in a row today, on 6th Line around 6:10pm.

Southbound indigo blue sedan.
Northbound silver (or titan grey) sport followed by a red sedan with moonroof.

Anyone on this board?
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I got a black GT Sedan with raised spoiler, I am always around Dorval and the QEW cause that's where I work. Right across from the ford dealer in those three brown buildings.
Was that you that go around the bend on South Service/Dorval at around 6:45pm today (Monday 31st)? With a smoked front plate protector (couldn't see the back).
That would be me, got the smoked plates on front and back.
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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