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Oakville/Mississauga/Burlington Mazda 3 spottings

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Spotted 3 MZ3s in a row today, on 6th Line around 6:10pm.

Southbound indigo blue sedan.
Northbound silver (or titan grey) sport followed by a red sedan with moonroof.

Anyone on this board?
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....The bikes make for a nice sail and aid in stopping, but really hurt the fuel economy...

really?? because i had to give my sister ride to Sudbury last weekend, with all her stuff and bike, so I had one mountainbike on the roofrack and fuel economy didn't suffer.

ps. over last weekend i've put about 1200 km on my car, so far longest road trip in my mazda. time to hit Halifax in August.. :)
with one "pee stop" and one "coffee stop" and speed no more than 20 above the limit about 4 hours.
i got an aftermarket roofrack... the only rack you can get right now is Thule, plus I decided to go with aftermarket because it's wider than factory rack (the rack is a bit wider than the roof) which is important to me when i have to take my windsurfing or kayaking gear with me..

in my opinion Thule is little bit overpriced, but i was lucky enough to get a deal through my brother.

PS. do you ride a lot? are you planing to do "Lake to Lake" on June 20?
just a small update on aftermarket roofracks...

i just got back from my friend's outdoor store, and they got e-mail from Yakima company. Yakima has fit kit's for mazda 3 right now.

so if anyone in Niagara Area is interested in aftermarket roofrack,
Ski Pro Shop is official dealer of Thule and Outdoors Oriented is oficial dealer of Yakima.
1 - 4 of 51 Posts
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