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I got the idea of the dyno shop list from Quint, a member of another forum I belong to. He compiled a list of local shops with dyno's and posted it on several of his forums. I co-own a shop that uses the building where there are 2 dynos installed.

Here is the list:

I'm making this list of good shops that also have dyno machines. If you guys find or know of any other good shops that have dyno machines and do good work please post them here and I will add them to the list. This should make it a lot easier for people in the Northwest to find a good shop to work on their cars :3_winkthu

Company and related Information

Dyno Authority $150 first hour $100 each additional.
18014 Redmond Wy, D-34 AWD Mustang Dyno
Redmond, WA 98052 Willing to do Saturday for $75 per person
(425) 869-8324 About 45 minutes per car
Specialize in Mercedes, BMW, Volvo
Need about 3-4 week advance notice.
About 10-12 cars in 8 hours
Group 'like cars together'

Turbo Technology $45 per car one pull
6211 South Adams $10 each additional pull
Tacoma, WA 98409 $45 for A/F and must have bung fitting already
(253) 475-8319 Max HP 1000
About 20 minutes per car
Turbo Experts
Bad driveway for lowered vehicles

Carburator Connection Dynojet 248C
13611 NE 126th Place $75.00 per car
Kirkland, WA 98034 About 3-4 pulls
(425) 820-1871 No Tuning
About 20 cars in one day

Intec Racing Dynojet 24B
7405 s. 212 st suite 101 1200 HP Max
Kent, WA 98032 20 Cars and $45 each
(253) 872-0872 Saturday from 11:00am - 7:00pm
Two Pulls
JDM experts
$15 A/F

Blood Enterprises Mustang Dyno MD-250
136 E. Glendale Ave. $75 hour
P.O.Box 617 about 45 minutes per car
Auburn, WA 98002 about 10 cars a day
(253) 939-4121 need O2 bung before cat for A/F
A/F $105 hour
3-4 week notice

Fastlane Autosports Mustang Dyno MD-250
12122 Pacific Highway sw $50 per car
Tacoma, WA 98499 650 HP max
(253) 584-3776 A/F not needed unless tuning
couple weeks notice

Hot Rod Hell Dynojet Dyno
1656 old hwy 99 N Mobile Dyno
Bellingham, WA
(360) 202-3091

Tom's Performance Shop
6707 NE 117th Ave #C-101
Vancouver,WA 98682
(360) 256-1722

Torque Freaks Dynojet 248X
12903 NE Airport Way 1800 HP up to 200mph
Portland, OR 97230 AWD Dyno
(503) 256-6336 $75 per hour
AEM Experts
Really know there stuff
Supra experts

Marysville Speed n' Custom
Dynojet 248x
5701 48th Dr. NE
suite C5
Marysville, WA 98270
(360) 657-3659

Axiom Motorsport
Lakewood WA
253 722 1012
$60 for 3 runs, AF plug $10 extra (i think)
they use the DynaPack hub gear. Patrick will let you tune if you're quick about it and nobody is waiting.

Austins Pro-Max
Dyno Jet + engine dyno
5602 S. Tacoma Way.
Tacoma, WA. 98409
$75 per hour.

Bills Tune-Up Center
3599 S. G ST.
Tacoma, WA 98408
I think they have a Dyna-pack dyno. They specialize in tuning engines and are certified in working on emission systems. The price is about $75 per hour plus $15 for A/F ratios.

Meridian Motorsports
511 E King St.
Meridian, ID
Dynojet $99 hour, $159 for 2 hours

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Great list! Thanks for putting it together.

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My shop is using the same building as Bill's Tune Up Center BTW. If you want work done regarding emission control system, let me know.

The list is as complete as what I know.

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[quote author=Tabasco69 link=topic=139258.msg3861529#msg3861529 date=1289972850]
Forged Performance
867 NW Coporate Dr.
Troutdale, Oregon 90760

Mustang Dyno


V8 or larger $95/hr
Rotary/6 cylinder $85/hr
4 cylinder or smaller $75/hr
Dyno base line pull $65/hr
AWD power pull $85/hr
Extra wide band monitoring $20/hr
Tuning $125/hr
Basic Bolt On $55/hr
Diagnostic $55/hr



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Drop "Forged Performance" aka" tracked forged" from the list, they are negligent and unproffessional, they did a r&r for me and lost parts, left parts off, damaged parts, they have no concept of accountability, I do not want to be responsible for sending anyone to them.
*Consider this shop to be verfied atypical unskilled asswipes*

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I will second a recommendation for "performance Race Engineering" out of the pdx area, they specialize Subi's, but Bobbi has went through EFI university and under went training sessons with haltech, motec, aem, cobb, plus he has experience with both the mechanical and electircal systems of the duratec 2.0/2.3 with a couple of haltech standalone installs under his belt with our motor.
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