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Not Just the Toyota Blade...

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It's kind of neat having a target on my back, although I doubt the people with "Formazlo" feel the same. There is already a thread about Toyota coming after Mazda via the "Blade", however I'm curious, has anyone seen the pics for the Saturn/Opel/Vauxhall Astra?

Go to the photo slideshow. You should see a very familiar looking design when it comes to the five-door portion of the show (silver paint).
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I still can;t get used to seeing a 'saturn'

The styling is very european, and it would be very hard today to find a trully unique car with its own cues, so it may look like a 3, matrix, or any other car to some extent.
Why not just scrap Saturn all together and make them all Opels? I mean hell, they all are anyhow.
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