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[quote author=chomp link=topic=138264.msg2980293#msg2980293 date=1236441027]
Drivers window clunk at when fully up
Drivers window stuck at top when attempting to roll down
Buzzing in dash
Cigarette lighter stopped working.

time to goto the dealer for warranty work.

[quote author=lucaspl88 link=topic=138264.msg2980519#msg2980519 date=1236458827]
5th gear synchro... hmmmmmmmm.... never had that happening.... i would recommend changing tranny fluid to synthetic
and regarding the sound in the wheel wells. dont know.. i have a hatch..

+1 ..... redline mt-90.

[quote author=cali_axela link=topic=138264.msg2980559#msg2980559 date=1236461219]
Why would you ever be cruising at freeway speeds in neutral for an extended amount of time? Personally I don't see any reason to do that and never would, but it's not my place to say you shouldn't do it.

long downhill stretches maybe? nothing detrimental about it, you would get better gas mileage by leaving it in gear though. provided the hill is steep enough to not lose speed
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