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NJ professional car alarm/remote starter places

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i was wondering if anyone knew of any good places to get it professionally installed in the burlington county area

bah guess its time to check the yellow pages....
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I dont know how far they are from you but check out SR Audio
there is a place near me. but I doubt will wanna drive that far.
Edison...nice me too...what place were you thinking of...I've been going to Lee's Audio on Rt.1 for years...the owner is the best...cracks me up and they do good work...
THAT IS WHERE I GO! ha... he hooks me up. hes done basically everything on my car...where in edison r u?
I live about 2 miles from there and across the highway...over by where the wendy's is...where in Edison you live??? Small world huh...sorry to thread jack by the way...I bought all the parts for my last car from Lee's, now that I just got an MS3 I'm gonna get all my new stuff from him too...he is horrible with getting stuff in on time but he makes me laugh so it balances out...
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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