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Hey Everyone,

I want to sell my Nikon D40X. I have absolutely LOVED this camera and it is my first DSLR camera I have owned. It is in complete like new working condition and haven't experienced one problem with it. It's also never been dropped and I am real anal about other people touching it and using it. I have learned a lot in photography with this camera, and want to sell it to you all for quite a deal.

All your specifications may be seen here on Nikon's website:

That price on Nikon's website is for the body only. Places like have the body for around 580.
I have the body/kit lens (18-55mm)/Travel Bag w/ Extra Batt ($100 value Best Buy)/ Nikon School D40X Learning DVD/ Original Box with all manuals/cds/product cards/warranty info etc.

I am selling everything together for $700 shipped.

Just the Camera/Kit Lens/ One Batt and Charger $575 shipped which is a STEAL.

If I can make a sale by April 15th, I'll throw in a 1gb SD memory card.

Just the extra battery is a 60 dollar value. The bag is well padded, with many pockets and has always come in handy.

I have never abused, dropped, scratched, scuffed the camera and is in NEW, MINT condition.

I am not the best in photography myself, so these pictures I have taken don't show the potential of the camera.

same pic edited..

Just a few pics I've taken... and I just started messing around with cameras so anyone can pic this camera up and start using it and learn a lot from..

If you aren't interested in EVERYTHING, let me know.. I will let the camera and kit lens (w/ batt and batt charger) go separately for only $575 shipped (in box and all)

The camera...

Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18 Show Content

Holler. Buy my camera! Need the money.

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Re: Nikon D40X w/ Kit Lens Travel Bag Extra Batt Barely Used Perfect Condition $

Grah! So many good things get posted on here for sale! I wish, but I can't. Free bump, though; I hate to say it, but digital is in.
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