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I have a friend that have talked directly to the Mazda Canada Marketing Representitive (??) today, he said that the Mazda 3 BLACK (or Carbon (?)) TAIL LIGHTS will be AVAIALBLE in Canada as an "add-on" (accessories), just like the current Altezza tail lights!


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Any idea of price?

I'm not willing to blow more than $100 on BOTH, and I know it will be more.
The Altezza's for the 6 are $290 (set of four thru Mazda).

I bought mine for the Protege and they were $180.
That is excellent news. What about the Electroluminescent guages??
Same - positive news on that also. We'll know for sson (in a few days).
good news, but whatever. I'm gonna stop idolizing this car and I'll open my mind to it again once its in dealerships and I actually have one. Till then I'll be studying and saving money. no offence, but we are dabbling like little girls stressing about every single word that appears in media etc. I did it myself too lol. but anyways peace.
don't worry I'm not goin anywhere. Just pre mid term jitters
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