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Newbie question(s)

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I have been wanting to lower my car every since I got it (July 2008). Now that I got some money back, I am pursuing this. I have a couple of questions regarding this...

What is a basic length for lowering? I don't really want any rubbing and I dont want to have to go 5 mph on small hills and what not.

What was the cost for lowering your car? I have been trying to find online estimates here in the Dallas-fortworth area but can't find any. Can you include service and the kit you used.

Would it look ugly if I kept my stock hubcaps till may? or should I just wait.
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I read those beforehand, they didn't answer any of my questions.
1. 1 inch
2. anywhere from 150 to 300 for install.
3. itl only look better

cruz the lowered thread for brands
the mazda 3 has the best looking hubcaps of all the hubcaps that come standard on cars today IMO

I'm also planning on lowering my car this summer, I'm probably gonna get the pro-kit, it seems simple enough
You can make the job even cheaper by doing the install your self. There are plenty of good write ups on this site you can use to guide you through it and you can get most of the tools on loan form advance auto parts or other parts store. I did my own install and had never done it before.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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