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As it states new to CX-7 but this is our 3rd Mazda in a row.
'05 6s GS and an '09 6i GT.Loved em both but as we needed more room (aquired a puppy that grew into an 80lb dog....LOL ) , the cars expanded with us.
Got an '11 GT without Nav,(no way I'm paying $2600 when a good GPS is only $200-$300.)
Had it for a couple of weeks now and like it very much but still miss some features from the 6.
The 7 was the best choice for us as to space,features for price, and trade in on our old 6 being the 3 main factors.
I drove just about every mid size SUV/CUV out there.It was a close race with the Edge and Santa Fe,both of which are very nice vehicles,but thier dealers were asses with the trade.
Really you only want to give me 10k FOR A 3 YEAR OLD VEHICLE WITH ONLY 45000kMS( 27000 miles)ON IT,wasn't gonna happen.
Will probably only litely mod it,intake ,BPV and wheels come to mind first.Look forward to lurking and dropping the occasional smart ass remark in the forums.

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