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I'm about to buy a canadian 2007 mazda 3 manual, I believe it is the GX model.
First question: does anyone know if TPMS was standard on this car?

Second question, regarding tires:
the car comes with winterforce tires on aluminum rims. The tires look pretty worn, I assume the previous driver used them in the summer too (car only has 42000 kilometers on it)

so I will probably get some new tires for the summer (and another separate set of dedicated winter tires later on. I live in Montreal.)
If I go to michelin or goodyear's websites, they recommend "performance" tires for sport cars. Why? It's only a standard 2.0L mazda 3, not a GT or mazda sport. Why would I need "performance" tires?

I was planning on putting something like michelin hydroedge (or harmony). What exactly am I "losing" if I use michelin hydroedge instead of say a michelin "MICHELIN® Pilot® XGT® H4" ?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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