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well since it came out i wasnt goign to get it, till i started to see it ont he street. WEll did taxes on tuesday and had the down.

i went to TUSTIN mazda on saturday (1/27/07) to put a deposit down for one comign next month. well we say one was coming in on monday (1/29/07) stared the loan work and well i finally took it home last night 1/31/07
i got a cosmic blue speed 3 sport model. only option on the car from mazda was the compass/autodimming/homelink mirrior,. and wheel locks. i paid msrp. no mark ever on there models.
They hooked me up, and took care of me, i have me dealers cell numbers and email (this is new to me)
but this is my first new car since 1996 when i got a 1996 ford escort, crashed it in 2001 and got a 1995 escort gt,
and i traded in a 1990 mazda miata i have owned the last 2 years that was my aunts new. so now everythig is good. now i have legal power and turbo in cali.

no mods for a awhile rather pay ot pricipal first.

pics later!

and a side note. any cali people here i am having a meet for / and at my house february 10th all are welcome i do a meet repost int he cali section.

i am friends with autoXer on here he knows me well. and also a few others but dont know there handles are here!

pics later. man i want to leave work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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