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New Setup.. Good deal ??

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A friend of mine is selling this setup

The subs :

2 X 10" Clarion PXW-1041 (600W max and 300w continuous)
powered by an Alpine MRD-M301

Front speakers:

Alpine Type-R SPR-17LS with tweeter and crossover
powered by Alpine amplifier not sure about the model ...look at the pic:

He is selling this kit 500 $ can
Good deal ? kit ?

And should mount the subs on a closed box ?
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Clarion isn't know for subs so I don't know about those woofers. That Alpine M301 isn't a very strong amp 350rmsx 1 at 2ohms is about it. The comps actually are bad. Though you have to factor in their used. The amp for the comps?!? I think $500 is a bit much. But that's just me.
yea maybe i should use only one sub. the amp might be a little weak to handle 2 10".

oh yea forgot to say that it comes with alpine heat unit ( witch im not going to install because i dont want to customize my dash) that i can sell.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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