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New ROH Adrenaline & Drop! Black Hatch

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Got the ROH adrenaline Black Ice with the Eibach Pro Kit, exhaust going on next week.

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Love the wheels!! Do they make them in regular black?
No, chrome black (black Ice) & Hyper Silver. But you can have em painted. I an get you the info where I got em etc.. The guy is awesome and the prics are sick! Located in Long Island NY, he must have 100-sets!
What's the size and offset? Nice wheels BTW!!!
those are sick wheels!! I want the prokit too... =( i is jealous..... lol
The wheels are 17x7 47mm off set. Was going to go with the 40mm off set, but i thought the front track might look wierd compared to the rear, so went with the 47MM.
looking good pimp
Thats awesome...Like the taillights..and the lip at the back? is that ms lip at the back...and what lip do u have at the front?
This is one wheels i been looking at they look like the 09 rx8 rims
damn.. thats a nice set up...
the rear lip is the Mazda Speed got off ebay for $100 brand new, the front lip is the SGG got for $65 off ebay brand new. Thanks guys for all the kind comments, just got the HKS exhaust on and oh my god this thing is loud not for a 38 year old dude!
Would you be so kind as to supply the contact info on where you ordered the wheels from? I love them!

1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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