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New Rear Brake Pads are in: Part Number

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I just got the call from my dealer and the updated pads for the 3 are available. They are for cars made before march, I think, newer vehicles had them installed at the factory. The Part number is:


The dealership should install this for free, but most likely you will have to argue a bit. At least I won't have to wash rear wheels every week any more.

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adboogies said:
Taking my car in next week for new brakes pads, had it in there a couple weeks ago and they said they just needed to resurface the rotors, then when I came back they said they needed to order new brake pads, but its fine to drive for now. I also asked them about the 2.3 emblem because the mz3's that were on the lot now have them, the head service guy tells me that its a special package that gets those and its an addon for mine for $10pc. BS or not? :?:

tell him to take his 10 dollars and to shove it.

write to mazdausa and they will send you some for free

stupid dealers :roll:
1 - 1 of 36 Posts
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