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New Rear Brake Pads are in: Part Number

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I just got the call from my dealer and the updated pads for the 3 are available. They are for cars made before march, I think, newer vehicles had them installed at the factory. The Part number is:


The dealership should install this for free, but most likely you will have to argue a bit. At least I won't have to wash rear wheels every week any more.

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I got the same reaction and the comment that there were no new pads for the 3. Then I called back 2 hours later with the new part number it it checks out in the system as new, at least according to the parts guy.

My dealership's GM has a case number with mazda for me and will be speaking with them during a golf trip. He's well armed with information thanks to this board. Today he was looking though the new parts bulletins and even checked thier parts system. He said the part was in short supply and could take a while to get in. Perhaps this is something that's been in development but just now starting to be ramped up?

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