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New Rear Brake Pads are in: Part Number

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I just got the call from my dealer and the updated pads for the 3 are available. They are for cars made before march, I think, newer vehicles had them installed at the factory. The Part number is:


The dealership should install this for free, but most likely you will have to argue a bit. At least I won't have to wash rear wheels every week any more.

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I picked up my car last week and the rear brakes make an awful grinding noise that is quite noticeable and there is more break dust on the back than the front.

Sounds like what everyone is saying is true - that all of the Mazda 3's have this issue. I'm going to get them fixed on my first oil change and quote this message board and part number. Hopefully by then they will have those parts in stock.


What dealership are you going to get these fixes done at? If you're in my area, perhaps we can both go in and tell them about the problem in case they give either of us a hard time...

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