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Well after looking around a bit and year of driving in winter on my straight performance tires I decided I needed some better winter tires. My Choices were down to a few and I ended up with a very well priced and great tire the Bridgestone Potenza G009. I had originally planned on getting some Touranza's but liked the tread and other ratings of the G009 better. I've had them on for about a month now in some good snow and slush and ice and they have worked beautifully, just thought I'd throw this out for the people who live in crappy snow. I plan on keeping these tires on during the spring and summer to see how grippy they are, if they work well enough they will be a nice all season tire keeping me from having to switch out wheels and tires every season.

They also make this in two sidewalls a stiff and a medium, If you plan on pushing them hard the stiff sidewall is a good idea :)

Link to Tirerack info...

very nice. What size did you end up getting? I got the Avon Tech M550 a/s, which are also very good for the price I got them at 8) . I'll most likely get the Dunlop M3's when I switch back to winter/summer tires.
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