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Its been two weeks since I bought my silver mazda3 GT (Sedab - Manual Transmisson) w/moonroof, and it has made my morning commute a joy. After driving a Toyota corolla (manual) for about two and half years I wanted something more fun.

Wanted a VW initially, but recalling all the problems I faced with my 98 jetta, I decided to pass on it and buy a Mazda3 through my company's Ford Partners plan.

After having bad experiences with Open Road Mazda (Rt 18) and Crytal Automall Mazda (Rt 22), I drove down south to Hamilton Mazda. There I purchased the mazda3, paid invoice price through my S plan and drove off.

Compared to Open Road Mazda I ended up saving 1300 dollars (I received even $500 more for my trade). Hamilton mazda charged me just $169 for all associated fees (combined). I simply paid the invoice price plus the ~$200 associated fees including registration (and ofcourse the state tax).

Even though Open Road was offering the car at S-pricing plan they tagged on ridiculous fees (~$550 - for registration, processing fees, document delivery fee, clerical fee, computer time??? -wtf) plus a $250 NY emisson fee? Not to mention a pushy salesman, who really wanted me to sign on the dotted line. When I said I will come back and refuesed to sign he was getting aggravated (not that I cared). Needless to say I never returned, called and cancelled my future appointment with the saleman, which pissed him off even more. The following day his manager called in a harrasing tone and wanted to know why I backed out and even offered $1000 more for my trade in. I had already bought my car and furthermore I had no intention of dealing with them.

Has anyone else here in New Jersey paid NY emisson fee and $550 processing fees?

Mazda3 GT Silver (Man) w/ moonroof
2 weeks and already 1300 miles
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