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New MS3 Owner

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Hi all!

I thought I would introduce myself for my first post. My name is Kevin, hailing from the Great ( :lmp180psu: ) Northwest.

I decided it was finally time to replace my aging daily driver, a 96 Ford Probe GT. As some of you know, the Probe is based off the same Mazda-built platform as the 626 and the MX-6. They share engines as well. I've always enjoyed the Mazda elements of my car. My brother is also a Mazda-fan, with an 04 Mazda6s.

When I started shopping for cars, I first was looking seriously at slightly used 350Z. Now, the 350Z is a great car, VERY fun to drive, but it just isn't practical. And the G35 (the "practical" 350Z) is too expensive. So, while at the Portland Int'l Auto Show, I decided to check out the Mazdaspeed3.

At the beginning of this month, I decided to take the plunge, and I came home from Ron Tonkin Mazda with a brand new True Red Sport MS3.

I LOVE it so far. So much power, such great balance for a FWD car.

I recently decided to see if the wheels from my Probe fit the MS3. Not only do they fit, but I'm very pleased w/ the outcome

The BFG tires on those wheels are a big improvement over the stock tires, which found a home on my brother's 6. They really show how good of a handler this car is.

Anyway, just thought I'd say hi.
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All these new speed3 owners is making me itch to get out and get one. I had the opportunity to take a ride in one with a friend of mine I just recently met, and it was INSANE! My local mazda dealership doesn't have any on the lot though. Congrats on the new ride, the wheels look hot, and again, welcome to your new home! There are tons of great people here sharing thoughts and ideas.

Are those ADR kasai's by the way? I love the look of them.

craig there was one at the concord mazda dealer for 24k it was black probley not there now......nice speed you got there ouch1011
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