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New MS3 GT black mica!!!

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So I have been waiting about 3 months now and the other night my dealer called to say he saw one on the invoice and was going to go find it......I was sitting in it about 15 minutes later and after a couple of hours had made a deal to trade my 04 3 in!! I just passed 100 miles and can't wait till the break in period is over so I can really drive it!!! Unfortunately it rained the last 2 days so I will take pics once I get it all shiny again......Any upgrades yall suggest?? I'm getting the windows tented next week
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i woulldn do too much to the speed3 for a while.. thats just me.. maybe tint, wheels, a small sound system.. maybe lower the car a bit, but thats a BIG maybe on the lowering.

enjoy the car as it is for a while
[quote author=Nymisus link=topic=66186.msg1135193#msg1135193 date=1168037116]
I'm getting the windows tented next week

Brand new black MS3 GT? I'm sure it's not only the windows that are tented. :shock: Congrats & enjoy - after the break in period. :D
Congrats!! Tint would be nice and i can't wait to see an MS3 lowered... it'll be HOT!
OK so now after I have thought about it I am kinda disapointed mazda didn't put a boost gauge in there...I mean come on it is a turbo, I don't know many cars out there that don't have one......Looks like after I get my windows tinted thats the next thing on my long long list of mods
if u wanna go all out heres what id do,
lowering springs
cold air intake
cat back exhaust
i unno the rest is up to you,, body mods??
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