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I just bought my Black (Mica) 2007 Mazda3i 4door a month ago, slightly used with 23,000mi. I really wanted the speed3 but am not too fond of the hatch. I'm getting ready to start doing some mods in the next month or so. First up is the tint, which I've already decided will be a 15 and know which shop I want it done at (my boyfriend has an srt-4 ACR and we had some work done on it at the same shop). Next up is a sunroof. I've heard mixed stories about having this done. It was nearly impossible to find this option on my car when I was looking for it because I didnt anticipate how difficult it would be to find a newer Mazda with manual transmission in the color I wanted. I was told by the dealership that they do that kind of work for about $800 and provide a warranty on it. Any advice? I really want this done but not if I'm going to end up spending more money on it in the long run. I'd also like some advice on cold-air intakes that work well on Mazda3s, as well as any turbo kits since apparently there are no supercharge kits made for this car. I'm hoping to have all of this plus a little more exterior work done (minor light changes) by the end of the year. All advice would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank you!!
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