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Hello to all,

I just recently was given as a gift (who would have thought cars could be gifts?), A 2008 Mazda 3 I Sport automatic. So far, I love the car very much, and is much better than the previous vehicle I had. I found this forum due to a couple of questions I had. I apologize if they seem simple and easy to answer.

1. Unfortunately for me, the car came with manual windows and locks, what is the likely hood of changing them to automatic? Could I do it myself? Could I take it somewhere to be done?

2. The Mazda also didn't come with fog lights, which I was wondering if it were possible to add, seeing as there is a space for them to be added?

3. It also didn't come with cruise control and was wondering if this also could be added in?

I appreciate any time given in answering my questions.

Thank You.
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Welcome to the forum.

You're from my home town :cheers:. Wow, lucky you! That's quite a gift.

Power locks/windows can be added but due to the locking mechanism used by Mazda, it's a costly addition.

Fog lights are an easy add. Many here have gotten good kits off of ebay. There is info and install instructions on the forum.

Cruise can also be added.

Take time to browse the forum. You'll find a ton of info and discover just how clever some of our members are.

I know a lot of the things I will be adding and modding to this car will cost a lot, but it's gonna be my car for the next 6+ years or so, so I wanna make it pretty sweet ride.

Thank you for the responses. I'll have to do some research into it all, and I plan on pretty much adding things to quite possibly every inch of the car, and I am glad that this forum exists.
yup. all this is possible but it will take A LOT of work. danielj said it all. and hey, i'm from washington too... tacoma area. but honestly, i dont think fog lights are that great. and i never use cruise control. but then again, i barely go on long trips. it might be worth it for u since youre gonna have the car for a long time.
[quote author=as1an_1nvas10n link=topic=137120.msg2956996#msg2956996 date=1235442043]
hey, i'm from washington too... tacoma area.

I know, I invited you out to meet the local Mazda peeps!
oh, ya dude. i couldnt make it tho. i had a really hard week of school and i stayed up really late on friday so i decided to just sleep in. ill go to the next one tho.
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