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new kit for MZ3

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anyone want it? it from Hong Kong

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Will it even fit on our 3? I would imagine our bumpers are different than the HK 3.
I'll be in HK on Tuesday... I'll look around to see if I see it.
I won't go to HK to see these until May :(
Puke... Gag.. No.
The color doesn't even match up. In fact, on all the ones I've seen so far, the colors have been off from the body.

Unless I have reason to change the bumper (i.e. auto crash) then it stays.
"She was looking kinda dumb / with her finger and her thumb / in the shape of an 'L' / on her forehead"
I'm live in Hong Kong,the bumper in HK/USA/Canada/Japan are same...But Hong Kong only have 1.5cc model...
ADVAN, please put your location in your profile. Thanks :)
I used to live in HK, there are many good/beautiful/cheap car engine and exterior mod especailly in MongKoK.

Advan, it may be the bumper cover, not the entire bumper cause crash test standard are different for Asia, Euro and NA. And I think u are saying 1.5L or 1500 cc not 1.5cc, any lawn mower sold here has larger engine than that :lol: :lol:
pictures aren't too great, but i like the kenstyle kit better.
i actually like the gfx lip better as well, cuz that kit looks like the fogs are a little too recessed.
Jebus said:
thats the one from
Yeah, it's an optional Mazda3i front bumper cover. I have it in my accesories phamplet. Looks "less than attractive".
Naw I don't like that kit. Looks to cheap.
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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