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Hey fellas. Hope you all had a nice Christmas! Hey I just bought a double din Pioneer touch screen unit to replace the old stock 6 speaker non Bose unit. I’ve already installed JBL’s in all doors and have a nice Cerwin Vega powered sub under the seat. So not bad for an old dude. Anyway when installing the new head unit as I’m doing now, the factory radio has 3 plugs connections from the car to the old stock unit. I got the proper metra adapter but im confused as to what the extra plug ( from the car) is for. The adapter works with the main harness and one of the other plugs went to the time/ temp display. But the third? No place for it. I believe it’s 4 wire. Can anyone tell me what this is for?? This is the plug that plugs into the stock unit pictured in the pic. The other pic is the plug with no home.
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And as usual, thanks for the help fellas. Whenever I need help with the Maz…..You’re always there and I do appreciate you.
Here’s to a better 2023!
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