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hey guys, my name is Chris DeCarli and I am the president of the newly formed NEPOC (New England Mazda Protege Owners Club)

This club is open to owners and those interested in the Mazda protege as well as its predecessors (323) and successors (3). The club does have the word protege in the name but 3 owners are just as welcome as protege owners.

If any of you are interested in joining, we have a lot of events being planned already for this coming spring summer and fall including a meet/cruise Feb 21 in Amherst, MA and what we are hoping will be a huge New England Mazda owners event May 22 at Mazda Revitup in south Weymouth, followed by a full day cruise around Cape Cod on the 23rd.

More information about joining NEPOC can be found on the protege forums at You will find the NEPOC forum all the way at the bottom of the main page.

If you guys are not interested in joining NEPOC and would prefer your own exclusive 3 owners club, then we would like to invite you to join the New England Mazda Community that we are in the process of forming.

The purpose of this community is to organize a representative from every mazda model community in New England so that when we want to plan a large cross model meet such as the one we are planning for May 22, We merely notify the one representative, for example, from the mazda 3 community, and he or she will convey all the pertinent information to the Mazda 3 world, and communicate back to the event organizers the number of cars that will be coming from their community and any other important info. Not only is this useful for large meets, but say for example you were interested in entering your car in HIN Boston but are not a member of a competing club. this way we coul put feelers out into the different Mazda communities in New England to see if any other mazda owners are in the same boat, and you can all enter the show under the one Team of "Team Mazda" or whatever (no name has been officially set as of yet)

at any rate. Please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] for more info or for any questions you might have and stop by the mazda forums if you want to join up and become a part of the NEPOC community.

hope to see a lot of you guys around :)

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