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I am a little miffed.
I asked before I purchased, how we would get satellite radio in the car. Their website said required dealer installed prewire...
They said no big deal, until after I signed all the paperwork. Long story short, they finally agreed after several days of haggling to purchase and install the satellite radio component for free. Then almost a week later, they informed me that the 2012 models allowed to have an addon to the nav system for the satellite radio tab. However, 2013 models must come from the factory this way, or not at all! Bunch of crap!
I double checked this with another dealer the next day, BTW.
But the did tell me that I could go and buy the sirius tuner that I wanted and they would install for free and but me a check for the unit's price.
But now, I want to forget the whole thing, since it's not intigrated. I don't want a stand alone eye sore popping out of the dash of my brand new car...
Anyway to add to satellite radio and integrate it into the display after market on the 2013?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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