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I just installed an Avic Z3 to my Bose equipped ms3. It sounds great so far, but I wanted more (and was worried that it might fry the Bose amp and/or speakers, since the Avic's output is already amplified). I wound up getting the following setup. Let me know what you guys think:

Apline PDX-4.100
Polk DB6501 Components (front)
Polk MM651 2-way (rear)
4gauge wire install kit

I know I'll need to make brackets for the speakers to fit, but that's fine with me. My father does lots of woodworking and we have quite a few jigsaws, bandsaws, etc... What I'm concerned about is routing the wiring. Would it be alright to use the existing wiring that goes to the Bose sub under the drivers seat? I planned on pulling that unit out and putting the Aline in its place. I was thinking of adding pins to the end of the wires coming from my new amp, that way I can utilize the factory wiring without cutting the harness. Also, I haven't pulled the door panels off, but is there a decent amount of room to fit the crossovers in there? Any help or pointers would be great, as I've never replaced an entire factory system before. I've done quite a few sub installs, but to me that seems simpler than replacing everything.
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