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bought a black '06 5 door a couple weeks ago and im really happy with my purchase! sharing the car with my 'ol lady, she primarily drives it but i snatch the keys as much as possible. my other car is an '04 wrx wagon so our neighbors might think we're a bit strange with two wagons in the garage! :dance2:

i havent really put it through the ringer yet, but im very impressed by the cars stock suspension and brakes but like any car i already have a couple mods in mind. :irock: The interior is much nicer than im used to and the automatic transmission dosent bore me to death like most autos.

so, just thought id make a "hello" post, im looking forward to driving my 3 for a few years and picking up some knowledge from you folks on here!

oh, could someone tell me the actual name for the black color in '06? surely they cant just call it black, haha.
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