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New 3, repeat Mazda owner

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Hey everybody-

I've been reading for a couple weeks, researching everything since I bought the 3. Lots of information here, I'm very thankful for it.
Anyway, the new car is a 2007 Sunlight Silver 3s. Its a Sport with the 5-speed manual, already loving it. I've wanted a 3 sedan since they first came out, I ended up buying a 6 first though. I traded in the 6 for the 3, I wanted something a little sportier but still unique, something with a manual transmission and a car with better aftermarket support.
Here is the new 3, washed it and took it for a drive on my favorite twisty road.

Here is my old 6:

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The 6 looks hawt with those wheels! Hope you enjoy the 3 just as much or more.
Thanks, I think I will.

I loved the wheels on my 6, thought about using them for the 3 but I want to go a different direction.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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