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new 2007 GT Sedan - Galaxy Grey UPDATED W/ PICS

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so after prowling these forums for well over a year, I finally got my new 3! :lol:

Picking it up in about 2 hours. I got a Grand Touring w/ Moonroof, Bose. I should be able to get some pics up this weekend. Purchased it under S Plan. Came to 21,411 before tax and registration.

Wouldnt you know it, the day I need to pick it up a giant snowstorm hits Connecticut. Oh well, I'll be glad to have the car, been looking forward to this for a long time.

Finally got around to taking some pics of the car. So far I have around 4300 miles after about 2 months.

Mods so far: 35% tint, Replaced ashtray light w/ blue LED, Sharkfin antenna, sok07 dead pedal

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Re: new 2007 GT Sedan - Galaxy Grey

Yayyy! Another Connecticutian! Awesome, post pics once you get her. ;D
Re: new 2007 GT Sedan - Galaxy Grey

I am a Connecticutian as well! Bought my Mazda3 a week shy of a year ago! Ti Gray 2006 S sedan. "Giant" snowstorm? Wellllll...where I am on the shoreline it's mostly sleet although we did get about 4 inches of snow. A LOT for this year! This is sucky weather to pick up a new car in, but who cares...getting to the "getting the car dirty" part over with and enjoy! You'll love it! I would have gotten galaxy grey if it was available in 2006. I STILL say they should have offered the 3 in navy blue, but whatever.

Where you picking your car up?
Re: new 2007 GT Sedan - Galaxy Grey

[quote author=doublevizz link=topic=72187.msg1272359#msg1272359 date=1174093940]
I am a Connecticutian as well![/quote]

*head explodes*

I can't pronounce this without great effort... and even if i do , i'm still unsure if i'm saying it correctly.

It's so much easier to be Texan . {Tek-suhn} :D
Re: new 2007 GT Sedan - Galaxy Grey

Congrats and welcome! Do add yourself to the Galaxy Gray thread when the weather clears and you get those pics!
Re: new 2007 GT Sedan - Galaxy Grey

So I cant seem to find my camera. Looks like it will be a while for pics. I bought my car at Mazda of Milford. They were very easy to deal with. Hopefully their service will be on the same level. Now I have to find a place in the area to get my windows tinted.

One thing I've noticed so far, this thing kicks up TONS of sand and salt from the roads. My commute takes me through lots of country backroads and I cant help but feel like I'm hurting my new car :(
Re: new 2007 GT Sedan - Galaxy Grey

Yep, I hear you. I always cringe going down these back roads. >_<
Re: new 2007 GT Sedan - Galaxy Grey

The highways in CT are just as bad as the back roads- driving down I-95 is like driving on the moon.
updated w/ pics

Still loving this car after 2 months!
Sharkfin looks good on the sedan, not so good on the hatch, since there is some space between the base and the hatch door. Pics look good!
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