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Okay so I crashed my beauty early December and after a lot of wait and wondering and all that, We got the car back for fixing, the insurance paying us a good amount for parts and stuff...

So I started ordering and have ordered all the parts but I decided since I was fixing her up to add some bits I've wanted for some while :)

So I was wondering if anyone could photoshop the dabears2k Front Bumper, the Speedlines Rear Aprons on my car so I can have some clue what it will look like as I'm dying I want to drive it again :(

Pictures to use, don't care if you use the car that has the dabears bumper, or add that on mine, but I want those items added but of course I want what I've done to my car, rims, drop and remove moldings ..

Just what's easiest for you and gives me the best image ..


DaBears2k Bumper

The Rear Apron's(Picture is of dmogx's car I hope he doesn't mind ;/)

My Car Side shot for apron's AND side of bumper[img]

My Car Front shot for just front bumper

From my pictures it looks like it would be easiest to paint the dabears car red, add my rims, remove moldings and add aprons, but whatever you can do is greatly appreciated
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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