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Need Help!!!

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AIght, so I need to get some help. I have the Pioneer 7800mp deck with P2 Fosgate 12's, and stock speakers. WHen I got everything installed at Best Buy (my place of work, woot woot) the guy there made everything sound amazing. Problem is I had to exchange out my deck and replace it last night. I am trying to figure out how to set everything back up, but I dont want to go back to the guy who did it cause i want to do it myself....i just need someone's help wth trying to bring that sexy sound in my car back
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well with my pioneer i just sat in the car with the windows down like i usually do and put in a good song of your choice that u listen to a lot and go from there. u want to work with the low/mid/high part of the audio. on mine i have the low and mid set at normal and i put the high like i believe a +2 or 3. u have to go through all the settings and start changing them until your happy with how it sounds thats what i did. i threw in a crunk song like lil jon or pastor troy bc of all the yelling and if i can get them to sound good then i think anything else will sound good lol
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