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Unfortunately, while performing my 2.3L to 2.5L swap, the female electrical connector for the front 02 sensor (upstream H02S)was damaged. I need some help either finding the connector (yeah, right...) or getting the wiring correct to replace it with something like a 5 pin weatherpack connector.

Non-California model MZ3, so the connector is a 6 port connector with 5 pins. It's some type of deutsch connector, but some searching didn't bring up the specific one.
I stole this image form the interwebz...

So, 5 wires. Based on the repair manual that's floating around, on page 01-40A-62 (page 1176 out of 2910) the pins connect to:
Terminal A goes to the main relay terminal A
Terminal B goes to PCM terminal 2AD
Terminal D goes to PCM terminal 2AC
Terminal E goes to PCM terminal 2BG
Terminal F goes to PCM terminal 2Z.

That's great and all, but I'd love some wire colors as well. Can someone check the wiring colors on the ENGINE SIDE of the harness and give me the terminal locations? Even better, if you can give me the matching colors on each side of the connector, then I can just rewire based on that.



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