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Hi, I recently bought my speed3 because I was dying to buy one for the longest. But recently I realized the codes and i don’t know how to approach a fix that won’t break my bank. I attached the codes Im having. For the O2 sensor I replaced it with I new one I bought and I’m still getting the code. My friend says to check the wiring or circuit of the O2 but i don’t know how or where it is. For the lean I think I need the hpfp internals. The car is stock besides the fact that they added what I think is a forge blowoff valve? I’ll put a picture of it if I can as well as the codes it also has a Catless straight pipe which I hate way too loud. Thanks in advance I don’t know much about cars so I need help. Also think the car is on a tube because the turbo psi goes all the way up to 15psi which my friend said is dangerous
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