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Wow.. you are designing a product that you know is gonna be a big seller.. and you wouldn't even spend $100-200 bucks as part of the research expenses???
Same thing I was thinking.
Not to mention you want someone to sell you their grill to send to asia for "around a month" for under $100. I would say call insurance companies. I know my first 3 got totalled, and the grill was perfectly fine.
I will pay you decent money on it or give you a discount on the grill when we are done.
I think if you're buying someones grill for "decent" money(obviously well under $100), the least they should get is a free grill or a happy ending.

BTW, whats the name of the company, I hope it isn't deedeedum enterprises. This all just seems a bit shady IMO. And I'd think it'd be easier to find parts for the 3 in asia than NA which is where most of the members here are from.

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