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Navybob's 3s 5 door

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I picked up my new 3s on Tuesday and continue to be amazed by this car. This is definitely not your "Father's economy car", I am not even sure if the term "economy car" is even appropriate for the 3s.

The quality of materials and construction is as good as most cars costing far more and the feature content is far better than anything else in its price class or even within thousands more.

The color is Titantium and the car has auto trans plus the ABS/Airbag package. Checked out the leather seats but decided the cloth seats were more comfortable and looked better.

I got mine from Magnussen's Mazda in Newark, CA (San Francisco East Bay area) using the S-Plan so the cost was a few dollars below dealer invoice. The S-Plan worked well for me since it eliminated most of the usual haggling with the dealer. The folks at Magnussen's were great and it was a very smooth transaction.

For those of you tracking miles on the new cars, mine had 7 miles when I picked it up.

One add-on option I am interested in the the MP3 player. Has anyone checked this out or already have one in their 3? I would appreciate any feedback (pos or neg).

I'll try to get some pics on the board once I figure out how to post images.

Happy New Year to everyone!

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Congrats! Yeah some pics would be great :)

I'll try to get some pics on the board once I figure out how to post images.
You can either upload them to your personal website directory, or get a picture hosting account, such as Epson Photo or Sony ImageStation.

Happy New Year!
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