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Hey to the site and searched using both the search and the google search, so don't flame me too hard if this is out there.

Im looking for a way to hard restart/soft reset (whatever) my 2015 infotainment navigation screen. Its been spinning the 'loading navigation' screen for 3 days now. Ive done the 'return, home, mute' reboot to no avail. Pulled the SD card and reinserted it...even popped the neg. on the battery...THEN the pos.! Nothing...its just stuck. Its also restarted itself while driving twice in the 3 days...fades to black, then starts up. The radio/cd/bluetooth all work with no issue. I know/read that the infotainment is the source of problems for many people...but I have never seen any "a-ha" solutions to a frozen navigation.

The car is 2 weeks old and all was working without a glitch until Friday morning. I plan on bringing it to the dealership...but if this is something that can be a DIY (fuse pulls maybe?) I'd rather save the time instead of sitting around for 3 hours over a 'radio'. Thanks in advance.
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