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csweeney said:
MazdaHaveIt said:
That does look pretty you know how much was spent to put in the aftermarket stuff?
just over $3000 :shock:
That's the price i had to pay for the pack GPS + xenon for my mz3, i couldnt have one without the other, (dont know why mazda decided that), i just needed the xenon light cuz i already had the pocket pc + gps :(
So i sold it :evil: and took the "expensive pack" (they should have call it like that :x )

by the way, if you want a cheap way to get a really good gps :
go on ebay, buy an ipaq 38XX (around 200-300$) + a gps receiver HAICOM HI-203E (around 100$) + TomTom navigator ( you can buy or.... :D there is some others way to get it.... :wink:

with that you'll have the perfect nav system, with voices, 3d design, point of interest and everything you need for around 400$ and you can use it in any car you have.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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