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MZ3 questions - got a minute?

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I've been a Mazda man a long time - I'm currently on my 3rd RX7 (1st gen) and am now shopping the MZ3 Sport (daily driver) and could use a little advice...

I've searched around this forum and found a ton of usefull stuff - now I'm getting ready to place my order - just a couple of questions:

1) What are your thoughts on the leather interior on this car - I found it to be very stiff and nowhere near the quality of the RX8 - anyone got it and is it breaking in to a softer feel (I know it's a new car and most may not have owned it long enough to comment) -

2) 17" wheels / tires - I assume they will be crap in the snow (even with the all-seasons) - any advice or experience? Can this thing be a daily driver in winter climates without winter rims/tires?

3) Color - I'm having a tough time with this one and I know color is a personal preference - but there are 2 or 3 that look awesome (Tit grey, Blue mica, and the silver) - I'm just loking for a few comments on what htis group prefers.

4) I love the sporty feel of this car - but has anyone taken it out for a long drive? How's the comfort and noise on the highway?

thanks all - BTW, great forum withs tons of good info :D
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Hmm, this thread has been quiet for a few days, so I'll revive it with a few other questions:
5) Audio controls on the steering. First, is it illuminated at night? Second, do the scan up/down buttons only scan frequencies or can you scan presets also?
6) Ventilation. If you direct air to the windshield for front defog, does the A/C turn on automatically? It does this on the MPV but the A/C light does not come on.
7) If the key is in the ignition, & the driver door is open, does the power lock allow you to lock the doors?
8 ) For those with the built in alarm, does locking the door with the power lock switch while the driver door is open (& key is not in ignition), arm the system when the door is subsequently shut? Again this is another MPV behaviour that sometimes catches the driver off guard.

Although none of these answers would deter me from getting one, I'm just curious because I don't have one yet :( . Thanks everyone.
And just in time to show it to show to family & friends over the holidays!
And sorry for hijacking the thread :oops: ... and speaking of hijacking, here's another question :D :

9) Carseats :shock: : Yeah I know, this won't apply to most of you out there, but I think a *few* of you are married (& may possibly have kids). Anyway, the question is, would a standard car seat fit in the backseat, in rear-facing as well as forward facing directions? This is something that could possibly prevent me from getting a 3 :( , in which case I would have to look at something larger.

PS: Thanks to all who have replied to my questions. Much appreciated.
Thanks for the response Dave, & congrats on the newborn! (& the mz3!). I assume the fwd facing is behind the driver's seat & the rear facing is behind the passenger seat? I know Mazda has the auto-disable for the front passenger airbag if a carseat is installed, but personally,I don't think I would ever put my kid in the front regardless of whether the airbag is disabled or not.
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