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MZ3 questions - got a minute?

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I've been a Mazda man a long time - I'm currently on my 3rd RX7 (1st gen) and am now shopping the MZ3 Sport (daily driver) and could use a little advice...

I've searched around this forum and found a ton of usefull stuff - now I'm getting ready to place my order - just a couple of questions:

1) What are your thoughts on the leather interior on this car - I found it to be very stiff and nowhere near the quality of the RX8 - anyone got it and is it breaking in to a softer feel (I know it's a new car and most may not have owned it long enough to comment) -

2) 17" wheels / tires - I assume they will be crap in the snow (even with the all-seasons) - any advice or experience? Can this thing be a daily driver in winter climates without winter rims/tires?

3) Color - I'm having a tough time with this one and I know color is a personal preference - but there are 2 or 3 that look awesome (Tit grey, Blue mica, and the silver) - I'm just loking for a few comments on what htis group prefers.

4) I love the sporty feel of this car - but has anyone taken it out for a long drive? How's the comfort and noise on the highway?

thanks all - BTW, great forum withs tons of good info :D
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The leather is nice. I like the tight feel of the leather (as opposed to the loose ripple leather luxury sedans have). It hugs you good and does start to loosen up a bit.

As for road noise, its pretty good compared to my Sunfire GT but personally I think the tires SUCK SH!T. I constantly spin my tires just on a start. I had the same horsepower (or about the same 150hp) on my old car so I don't think its the power. I had Dunlop Sport A2's on the old car and although they had more road noise, they gripped GREAT. I wanna get new tires on my GT Mazda3 but the cost is just HUGE for 17" tires!!
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