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MZ3 competes w/Infiniti FX35 in spaceousness!!!

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The other day i parked my 07 MZ3 HB next to an Infiniti FX45 (which is a lot higher off the ground) and noticed an amazing similarity in the bodyshape/interior dimensions of the 2 cars. Now keep in mind that this is a $37,000 SUV I am referring to!!! So i did a little research on the web and here's what i found out:

EXT: L=176.8", W=69.1"
INT: Head Room=(F:39.1", R:38.4"), Leg Room=(F:41.1", R.:36.3"!!!) :p

Infiniti FX 35/45-
EXT: L=189.1", W=75.8
INT: Head Room=(F:40.8", R:39.9"), Leg Room=(F:43.9", R:35.2") MZ3 has more rear legroom!!! YAY!

As you can clearly see, the infiniti is much larger on the exterior than the mz3, but inside, it is only 1-2 inches roomier than the mz3, and we actually have more legroom in the rear than a $40k SUV!!! I'm lovin it, post what y'all think, and u can tear me apart if u want, but I am still stoked about this fact.
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