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Hey guys, my name is Greg and I'm from Memphis, TN. As of Saturday, the 24th, I recently purchased a 2004 Black Mica Mazda3 (hatchback/5dr.) :D

Heres my story as to how I came to own my Mazda, for those who wanna read it. :)

My main driver was a 1995 Nissan 240sx, that has given me nothing but trouble the past year and a half (out of 3.5 years of ownership.) Once I finally fixed the engine problems with the car, I pull a dumbass mistake and looked down at a green light and tapped the bumper of the guy in front of me. Long story short, it wrinkled the hood a little and broke a corner light - not all that bad - but it was the straw that finally broke the camel's back. I immediately started looking for a car, thinking of a 98-01 Prelude, but insurance ruled that one out (not to mention not being able to find one.) Since I work at a dealership (Acura of Memphis) I get to see some used cars come in and out. A few days after my fender bender, I noticed this strange hatchback sitting on our lot, so being that I like hatches and its looks intrigued me, I went to check it out. Then I saw it was a stick. I had to drive the car, something in me demanded it. A few days passed, and I finally got a hold of the keys for a short period of time, but in the 10 minutes I got to drive it, I knew it was the car that would soon sleep in my driveway.

I talked to the GM of my store, and he mentioned he'd give me a great deal ($500 above cost!) since I'm a good employee (he also gave me a raise so I could afford the car, how effin' cool is that!?) Anyways, a few days pass as I try desperately to sell my Nissan to no avail (and theres no way I'm trading it in..I'd get squat for it) but then my boss told me I had such a good credit that I didn't need a down payment. Then Saturday, the paperwork was filed, and BAM! I now own a 2004 Mz3. I couldn't be happier.

As for questions, are there any other Memphis-area Mazda owners on here, or am I alone?
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