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My new Galaxy Gray

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hey all, i just picked up my 07 mazda 3 S on friday and i must say i am really liking it. i had a focus before this but that was totaled just a few weeks ago. it's definitely got more of a kick to it and i'm really enjoying the shiftronic feature. i was only able to take one picture because the batteries on the camera ran out so hopefully i'll be able to take some more this weekend. i also plan on getting the windows tinted sometime this week so hopefully the next pictures i take will have the windows tinted too. hope u like it!
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Looking good!

I have a hatch in galaxy gray, got the windows tinted 20%, looks great with this color.
The more I see galaxy the more I like. Very classy and upscale.
One thing i noticed about this color - the car becomes invisible on an overcast day. Had people pulling out in front of me all the time, the color just blends in to the road. Did the independent fog lite mod, now use the fog lites as driving lites, problem solved.
I love my Galaxy Gray, I am sure you will as well!
Carbon gray had that problem as well. Scary stuff. Thank god for HID's.
the only question i have about this color is what color wheels to get?
Galaxy Gray is a very attractive color, as I discovered while looking at Van's. I love how it's either gray/bluish/brownish depending on the light and the angle you're looking at.
[quote author=babi8oiblu link=topic=67639.msg1166233#msg1166233 date=1169630431]
the only question i have about this color is what color wheels to get?

Black with a chrome lip. High class without too much bling.
Welcome! Car looks great! I love galaxy gray.
Is Galaxy Gray same with Titanium Gray for RX8?
Nope. Ti Grey is the same with Ti Grey. They're kinda close though. Galaxy is a hair darker with a bit of a gold pearl to it.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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