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my happy dilemma...

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ok so ive been steadily saving up to go full FI with Juan's kit and VB, cooler, etc. My fiance and I have been discussing this at length and she basically said that as long as the bills are paid and the lights stay on, she doesnt care...

during a boring day at work i wandered onto a chevy cobalt forum and found that there are blower kits for her 2.2 cobalt coupe....

i have the cash right now to "borrow" her car for a week and drop one of these kits in without her knowing, and i am considering it. She looks so hot when she's beating the hell out of her car.

also, she's out of warranty and I'm only 6k into mine....

should i do it?
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Is this something she'd actually appreciate? Does she care if her car is fast or not? Speaking for myself, if anyone borrowed my car and altered it, they'd die shortly after...but that's because I only want ME messing with my vehicle. If you think she'd get a kick out of the power, go for it. If it's gonna cause a fight, I wouldn't.
Does it have manumatic? Can you tune the TCU or get a VB for it? Is it any cheaper?
the word on is that the stock atx in the 2.2 coupe can handle about 300 whp, and the kit comes with a pulley for about 230-240. i believe stock compression is 9.5 to 1.

ive already been changing her oil/maintaining for about 10k and once we got engaged she made the comment about me maintaining "my cars", so i feel like as long as im prepared to fix it if it breaks, then.....

when she bought her car, she test drove an ss coablt and LOVED IT... she makes that giggly squeel when she stands on it and it throws her back in her seat. she's not mechanically inclined and probably wouldnt understand WHY it was better. she does love fast cars tho...
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should i do it?

Why? why? cause she looks good driving fast.

Lesson in life, don't make any emotional decisions, women do enough of that for us.
Do it because she, races on the track, she really wants it or she just has to have it cause she misses big power or something, not cause she looks good pushing big torque.
Sorry for the rant.
I agree with Fox Fader.. I don't think you should get her the blower.. If she wants to go fast, take her for a ride in your turbo'd 3 :D (that's if you get it)
If it's a financial risk, then I would consult her.

If it only takes you a month to save up surplus money to go F.I. on a Mazda3, then I'd go for the cobalt blower because you can definitely afford it.
well, to respond and close this thread, i admitted my plans for her car to her. she was delighted and excited and now the plan is (if the $$$ is there -- yikes :shock: ) to spend this summer working FI into her car and hopefully next doing the same to mine. That way we can make sure any bugs are fully worked out and both systems work as they should, and it will also give my credit card time to cool off...

i don't know if i wanna get smoked by a cobalt though... :D
Well, I do like you title.
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